Monday, February 20, 2012

Cozy Duds

Are you still enjoying your three-day weekend?  I certainly am.  A cozy cabin in snow-filled Vermont is a lovely way to spend a winter weekend with friends.  Whether I'm cuddling, reading or baking (everybody has a sweet tooth on vacation), I wear my favorite loungewear to keep me comfy cozy:

Snuggly thermal and sweater from J. Crew.  I love the bright orange and navy combo and the layers keep me extra warm.
These pants are so soft and flowing and more importantly, have a stretchy waistband ;)

My parents got me these for Christmas.  The shearling lining keeps my toes happy.

No cozy outfit is complete without a great blanket.  The aqua chevron pattern is classic and the blanket travels well.

Tell me, Appleshiners, what keeps you cozy and warm?

PS- While the guys were out taking late runs on the slopes, we made a batch of Caramel Witch Brownies.  So good!  I've been obsessed since I had one from Chelsea Market last week.

1 comment:

Anthony D. Dupre said...

Winter is knocking at the door. Ski jacket is my favorite outfit for this winter. I believe you also like this outfit. Smart people , Smart outfit.

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