Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Appleshine: Boys Playroom

Yesterday, I organized a boy's playroom.  There wasn't much purging needed as there was re-organizing the toys, games and books.  

He's reading more chapter books now so I kept only his favorite storybooks on one shelf, making room for another matching bin to hold small action figures.

It'd been awhile since things were moved around.  He was a little older (and taller) now but the 'big-kid' toys were still out of his reach.  I moved all the board games low to the ground where he could read the labels and pull them out himself.  The higher shelves were for arts/crafts, science kits, beads and other toys that required adult supervision.

The clear plastic shelves were disorganized and without system.  I resorted all their contents and switched some things around, making sure all the smaller items were contained while some bigger items were moved out to his toy bin.  In the end, it wasn't a major transformation but it was enough tweaking to give him easy access to his favorite toys.  And what kid wouldn't be happy with that?

Tell me, Appleshiners, what tricks do you have for keeping some toys accessible (and others out of reach) for young ones?

Also, check out this girl's playroom and another's bedroom for more kid-inspired organizing.

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Mark said...

I'm an adult, but a kid at heart. I keep my radio controlled boat on a small book shelf. It displays great and is a lot of fun when I take it out on the water.

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