Friday, March 9, 2012

Organization Inspiration

Remember my post about making storage into artwork?  Here's another take on that notion: old picture frames that create a unique visual aesthetic from otherwise typical storage solutions.

I'm a big supporter of mounting a key holder by the front door to hold all your keys in the same place.

A cute way to add more storage in the kitchen.

Read more about Sandy and what else she did with her small Brooklyn apartment.

A good DIY for creating your own sunglasses holder. 

A pegboard frame could work for any type of tools: garage, crafting, wrapping station, home office or even a mail organizer.

Tell me, Appleshiners, which storage idea do you like the most?

PS- This weekend, I'm going to my dear friend's baby shower.  She's been creating her baby's nursery from scratch.  Follow her design development in her nursery series and you might notice some Appleshine tips, too ;)

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