Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Appleshine: Art Studio

Before the new year, I helped Appleshine my client's art studio.  She has a large space within three rooms: the foyer, supplies store and classroom.  Business was great and kept her working everyday (literally 7 days a week) since she moved in a year ago; yet left no time to get organized.  Determined to get her studio in order, we cleared out clutter, old artwork, materials and other items.  Here's a look at some before/after pictures:

Sorted and arranged all like materials, making it easier to find and sell the supplies.

Removed the storage tubs and turned the bookcase catty-corner to make the art books more accessible.

A cluttered foyer became a gallery for the owner's beautiful and diverse portfolio.

Lined along the classroom wall were larger art supply items.

Cleared out space in the front room to host an open house for the neighborhood artists.

It was a busy project but had great results.  I'm so proud of my client and her willingness to clear out clutter in order to use her space more efficiently.  

Tell me, Appleshiners, how have you made the most of your space lately?

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