Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Appleshine: Home Office

Remember yesterday's post with my client's art studio?  She was on an Appleshine spree.  So next, we tackled her home.  When I arrived, she led me to what used to be the office.  Unfortunately, it was now functioning as an upstairs basement; the room was filled with piles of misplaced stuff, so much you couldn't even see the floor.  And here's the kicker- she needed to complete this project that day!

With no time to waste, I went to work. After a long day of Appleshining, the room had resumed it's original purpose of a home office.  Check out these before/after pictures:

Don't be fooled- we had to clear a path to survey to room before I could get started ;)

Storage boxes packed every corner of the room.  I sorted through them, dispersing their contents to their rightful homes throughout the house (few of which included the office).

Turns out, nothing on the desk was actually office supplies.  After we cleared it off, I left it as an open workspace.

When it comes to paper clutter, keep in mind that most everything, from bank statements to owner's manuals, can be found online.  Keep the tax reports, year-end investment summaries and other irreplaceable papers.  The rest can go in your shredder.

Once again, project complete with great results.  And my client informed me that she's continued Appleshining the rest of her home on her own- good job!!

Tell me, Appleshiners, have you done a total room transformation lately?


Unknown said...

I still can't believe these before and afters. I'd be so overwhelmed doing this myself.

Amelia said...

Thanks! That was a looong day but worth it.

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