Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gotta Run Some Errands!

I feel so accomplished and productive when I check things off my list.  Planning errands is like a mental obstacle course, trying to align the geographical components into my limited timeframe. A challenge that I readily accept.

But...I realize that most others don't share my enthusiasm.  So to you, I dedicate this post.  Here are tips to Appleshine your way to a blue ribbon spree:

1) Jot down your errands as they come to you.  Keep a list on your phone or have post-it notes handy to scribble and stick.

2) If you know you'll be in a location that's close to another errand, allow for extra time to get it done.  Like dropping off your laundry by your doctor's appointment or picking up the photo framing that's close to your kids' school.

3) It's best to allocate a chunk of time to knocking out most of your errands.  Plan accordingly.  Arrange your order so that things are close and manageable.

4) Take into consideration what you'll be picking up and dropping off.  If you don't have a car (ahem, New Yorkers), try to arrange your schedule so you won't have an oversized handful to lug around.

Tell me, Appleshiners, what are your tips for getting errands done?

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