Friday, February 10, 2012

Homemade Valentine's Gifts

Ah, Friday...a whole weekend lies ahead.  Whatever your plans are, don't forget about Valentine's Day coming up.  Personally, I love celebrating all 'Hallmark' Holidays; they're a great reason to have fun for a day.  I try not to go overboard and keep my spending limits to a fair minimum.  So, in the interest of having fun while being creatively thrifty, here are few homemade gifts to give to your sweetie this Valentine's Day:

I love the classic Coupon Book.  I remember making these for my parents when I was a kid.

Last year, I took a handful of conversation hearts, arranged them in sentences and glued them to construction paper for a silly valentine's card.  Cute idea, right?  I think my boyfriend still has it ;)

I'm thinking about making him these for his gift this year.  I'd use nautical maps because he's a big boater.

What man wouldn't want a toy of some kind?  I know it's not homemade but it's under $12 and he could put it together himself.  Or maybe he'd prefer a car or boat.

Even if gifts aren't your thing, you could make this gorgeous flower arrangement.  And the base is filled with Red Hots, to spice things up!

Tell me, Appleshiners, what are your favorite homemade gifts?


Unknown said...

Love the Lego idea. Sometimes girls get too sentimental and sometimes a fun toy can lighten the pressure of the day...

Amelia said...

Right? And shopping for presents should be fun!

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