Monday, February 13, 2012

Time Savers

No matter how productive we are on the weekend, Mondays always arrive with a pressing need to find order in things.  Planning ahead can only take you so far and a need to make the most of your time is forever on your To Do List.

In the interest of saving time, here are a few ways to simplify your life on all 7 days of the week:

This nifty holder takes things vertical, where all good NYC real estate is found (even on your countertop).

We all know those cords behind the desk are a mess.  Keep track of what's-what with these reusable labels

This forward facing shredder can fit on a shelf or tuck under your desk.  Keeping it close by lets you move out old papers now, keeping you on task.

How great is this?! A baby spoon that dispenses food as you go with just a little squeeze.

Recycling and garbage all in one pail.  Just up to you to remember which side is which ;)

Tell me, Appleshiners, what useful tools help you simplify your week?

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