Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rainy Day Closet Raid

Well, ain't it a dreary day.  When the weather keeps you inside, why not plan a productive activity to keep you busy?

I sorted through my closet today, plucking out old pieces that I no longer wear.  In the end, it makes me feel like I have a whole new wardrobe.  I enjoy wearing everything left behind knowing it looks good on me and it's either the current trend or a classic piece.

If you're up for appleshining your wardrobe, here are some rules to follow:

1) Pull out anything that you did not wear this season, including items you tried on but didn't wear or anything you wore and felt not-so-great in.

2) Organize your remaining clothes by sleeve length, color and function.  When you go to grab a long sleeve spring sweater, all your options will be grouped together making it easier (and faster) to choose.

3) Bag up your old clothes for donation and remove them from your home asap.  Don't let them sit around and create more clutter. 

4) I realized I hadn't been wearing these because they needed to be hemmed.  Gather your clothes for the tailor and make an appointment this week.  When they're ready for pick up, it'll be like going shopping :)

5) If you're struggling with keeping or tossing an item, use this guide (from Mimi and Meg) for that extra nudge towards the donation pile.

Tell me, Appleshiners, what are your tips for appleshining a closet?


Ellen said...

Use the slimline hangers to save space and make everything look uniform. You will gain square footage in your own closet!

Amelia Meena said...

Oh, that's a great idea, Ellen! Especially in our small, New York closets.

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