Friday, February 3, 2012

Party Seating Solutions

Football, friends...and Madonna.  That just about sums up this coming Sunday.  I'm going to Jersey City for a Superbowl party but if you're hosting your own, here are a few ideas for extra seating when the couch gets full:

The bright color and soft fabric makes this a comfy seat to settle into.

I've always liked the versatility of rattan furniture. It's the right amount of rustic for any space.

A print is fun, especially when you pick a light, neutral color like this shadow gray.

Foldable and iconic, a director's chair is easy to add to any party space.  

Or maybe you want a natural, organic look that doubles great as a side table.

Of course you could always throw a couple large pillows on the floor or pull up a fancy moroccan pouf.  However you do it, make sure you have enough spots for everyone to enjoy the game and the food.  

PS- Since I'm not hostessing this year, I've picked my favorite party dish to bring: buffalo chicken dip.  Delicious, especially with homemade potato chips and celery sticks!

Tell me, Appleshiners, what are your seating solutions?


Unknown said...

Great ideas. My favorite is the stump, but I'm guessing my g/f wouldn't approve...

Amelia said...

I kind of like the stump, too. One of my client's has it in her home and it looks really great with her colorful decor against white walls.

Anonymous said...

Amelia! Just finally read this post... sorry we didn't have these creative seating options at the Superbowl party but good food for thought for later! Love your posts, so creative.. keep up the good work :)

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