Friday, March 16, 2012

Wet Shoes on Rainy Days

Well, isn't this just a great idea?!  Instead of laying out extra doormats or newspapers (they just get soggy), you can set a boot tray by your door.  Set your wet or muddy shoes on the rocks and let them drip dry.  Then give the rocks a soapy rinse every now and again when you wipe down the inside of the tray.  I really like this nifty tip and here are some others to choose from:

A wall-mounted shoe rack, like this one, keeps your bulky boots up and outta the way.

This rug is easy to roll out when you need it and roll up when you don't.  And you can toss it in the wash when it gets too dirty.

An inverted pegboard is a simply, functional design for holding soggy Wellies.

I'm hoping my weekend will stay (mostly) dry...especially cause I tossed out my rainboots in my last closet raid and have yet to get a new pair!  Or maybe I'll use that as an excuse to go shopping.  Either way, I plan on enjoying my weekend (and the start of March Madness!) and I hope you are, too.

Tell me, Appleshiners, how do you store your wet shoes?

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