Thursday, April 5, 2012

Appleshine: Coat Closet

Hi friends!  This week, I Appleshined a coat closet.  My client was already halfway there with good intentions (note the matching hangers, wicker baskets and large bins) but needed a little direction in order to complete the look.

The main goal was to get everything off the floor, except for shoes.  And I even limited those to 'utility shoes' like sneakers, rain boots, snow boots, etc.  Anything else (ie- nicer) went into their bedroom closets.  Luckily, the green bins were a perfect size for the job and the bendable material allowed for a little give with the odd shoe sticking out.

The baskets on the top shelved housed outerwear accessories like gloves, scarves, hats and umbrellas.  I arranged the jackets by seasonal weight, the lighter, warmer-weather jackets in the front and the heavy, winter coats in the back.  The kids coats were moved into their own sections in the family mud room.

Like I said, all the key tools were there but needed that organizational finesse to make it functional.  Sometimes, it just takes a little extra time to think through the flow of the space to create a truly organized system.

Tell me, Appleshiners, what tricks do you have for organizing your coat closet?

PS- Check back tomorrow for a very cool post on some very cool, space saving furniture!

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