Monday, April 9, 2012

Organization and Etiquette

Happy Monday Friends!  I hope you had a lovely weekend, full of family, friends and happy memories.  I certainly had a busy one.  I had dinner with a grade school friend on Friday, joined my brother for a Ghost Tour of Greenwich Village on Saturday and had Easter brunch with friends on Sunday.  Such a wonderful time with wonderful people.

My dear friend was so gracious to host us as it was her first big dinner party since she married her sweetheart.  And with it came a few lessons in hostess etiquette.  She joked about proper place settings and which serving utensils should she use for the lasagna rather than salad but really, modern day etiquette is not as apparent in the ways it used to be.

Emily Post's "Etiquette" is the quintessential book for any hostess-to-be looking to learn the ropes.  With organization comes invitations to let others into your organized lifestyle.  When you have an organized space, you'll want to share it with others.  Even if this guide may be a tad traditional for your taste, there are still beneficial hosting perks to pair with your clean and organized space.  Inviting others into your living space, whether it be at home or the office, tells them that you're not only proud of who you are and what you do but how you get around to doing it.  And an organizing lifestyle makes that nothing but easier to do.

Tell me, Appleshiners, how do you feel about hosting in your organized space?

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