Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Organize Sports Balls

(via Spacehoppas Sports Facility)

Yesterday, I helped a client tackle her sports closet (pun intended).  It was packed full of equipment but as we sorted through, we realized that most of the space was consumed by sports balls.  Lots of basketballs, a few soccer balls and a handful of baseballs and tennis balls, totaling close to 50 altogether.  In one closet!

There has got to be a better solution for storing athletic balls indoors rather than shoving them in a closet.  Of course, my first direction was to pare down the number of balls, moving out any old, childish or deflated ones.  And when we were looking at a much more reasonable number, I suggested a few different options:

This chute is vertical and holds up to 4 basketballs.  You can mount it on the wall OR directly to the basketball post, keeping them on hand for a pickup game.

This holder is individual and comes in different sizes for a football, soccer ball or basketball.  Then you can pick the one(s) you need and have a bit more flexibility with where to place it.

Chances are that basketballs aren't your only problem with sports equipment clutter.  This rack can hold  lots more than just sports balls.  And notice the great detail on the netted bag- it has a top AND side opening so you can grab a ball from the bottom without digging too deep!

In the end, I think we're gonna go with the chute, since the closet has built-in shelving to use for other sporting goods.  And she'd like for her front hall closet to hold more than just athletic gear.  Even if you don't have a closet, you could adapt your mudroom to house some sports equipment, too.

Tell me, Appleshiners, how do you organize all your basketballs and such?

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