Monday, June 25, 2012

Nifty Wallet Trick

Happy Monday, friends!  I took full advantage of summer's first official weekend.  Hope you did, too.

I was all over town.  And you know what made it so easy to skip around?  My Metrocard.  And you know how I keep it close at hand?  My nifty little wallet.

I keep it in the side pocket of my purse so I can grab it easily while I'm running for the bus.  Cause that's about the only time I ever move quickly in the city: to catch the bus.  Otherwise, I'm a bit of a saunter-er.

Isn't it great, though?  I love my recycled-bottled-water-label wallet.  The family I used to babysit for made it.  Creative little kids.  Heck of a lot better than my paper-towel-tube-telescope.

Tell me, Appleshiners, what nifty wallet trick do you have?

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