Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lists and Notepads

I'm always talking about making lists.  And I want you to use to lists efficiently rather than let them end up as more paper clutter.  So here are good notepads to keep on hand that let you scribble down things for your to do list and keep you on track without overtaking your desk:

I love my Moleskine notebook.  This tiny pocket size fits neatly into my purse side pocket, making it easy to grab when I need to quickly write something down.

These Post-It notes are lined; perfect for making lists.  And then you can stick them where you need them (if you're running errands for the day, stick it to the front door so you can double check everything before you leave) and toss them when you're done.

Very self explanatory, these notepads will keep you on track. 

This classic spiral notebook (with a cute little cover, I might add) is easy to tote around. I just ask that you use it consistently and consecutively and toss it when you're done.  Don't switch back and forth between pads, leaving a collection of half used notebooks.  That just adds to your piles of clutter!

Tell me, Appleshiners, what type of notepads do you prefer to use?

1 comment:

Shutterbug said...

i love little notepads! even in this digital age, i still like to write on paper! ;)

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