Friday, April 13, 2012

Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Recently, I visited the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, not just to look around but also to support my very talented friend, Dwayne, and his gorgeous interior design firm, RDYC.  He was selected by DIFFA for their Dining by Design exhibit- congrats!

It was fun afternoon (especially since it was particularly cold and rainy outside) and I wandered about, finding plenty of organization inspiration and snapping a few photos along the way.

Of course California Closets had an enviable closet display.  I really like the natural, wooden shelving with glass shelving and cabinets- it's so light and airy.  I could totally see myself getting ready in that closet.

I like these little stools.  The soft colors are so pretty and they could double for an end table or extra seating.  Multi-tasking furniture is key for small space organization.

How gorgeous is this shelving unit?!  My taste usually doesn't go towards earthy elements but the simple beauty of this piece is stunning.  And the height allows for more shelves = more organizing solutions.

Shadow box shelving units are all over the place but I've never seen them assembled like this before!  They made the most of a corner space, taking storage vertical and maximizing wall space.

Remember my post on using a frame to hold sunglasses?  This company has a streamlined version of that concept.  Board by Design makes an iWear Rack so compact and attractive, you could place it right by your front door and never forget your sunglasses again.

I had a lot of fun with this little weekend activity.  

Tell me, Appleshiners, what are you up to this weekend?


Shutterbug said...

there are lots of great shelving ideas there! :)

Amelia Meena said...

Yes, there certainly were! It was great to see organizational efforts incorporated into gorgeous design.

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